Happy Chinese

Happy Chinese 2.0.1

A quick and easy learn Chinese tool. Let your Chinese learning process more easy and fun.


  • Human machine interaction study, Learn chinese by watch the movie or listen to music.


    A comprehensive Chinese learning software,Contains Chinese characters, everyday language, sentence and movie courses...

    Chinese learning assistant(Old name happy chinese) is a comprehensive Chinese language learning software.

    Feature have pinyin, word, sentences, music and movie courses and so on.

    It contains overview about the traditional Chinese culture, history and origin of Chinese characters, more than 6700 Chinese characters pronunciation, spelling, English translations, phrases and writing Chinese character stroke animation, comparison recording function can record your pronunciation and playback, and learn Chinese from music or movie.

    New learning statistics system, you can easy find out your learn situation and Learning progress.

    Happy Chinese


    Happy Chinese 2.0.1

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